Jime and Aaron are a one-of-a kind duo! While Jime provides emotion-fueled lyrics, plays guitars and piano and is the voice of the duo, Aaron is her other half in music and in marriage. He is an amazing bass and trumpet player who serves as the music director of the band.  Jime landed in the Midwest in the hardest winter in years, straight from the extreme heat of Paraguay in January of 2011. A month later, she walked into a bar and heard Aaron playing with his band at the time. She was very impressed by his talent and ensure she made that known to him. That's when it all started!

It all started when...




Jime was born and raised in Asuncion, Paraguay. She was interested in music from an early age and was trained as a classical pianist. She then learned how to play guitar and started to write her songs at 13. In Paraguay, she was a full time singer/songwriter having opened for famous artists like Julio Iglesias and Alexandre Pires. Her first international concert was in Paris, France at the Sentier Des Halles. Other performances around the world include cities like Barcelona, Montevideo, Philadelphia. Jime speaks fluent English, Spanish and French. She plays guitar, piano, the ukulele and she writes English and Spanish songs for Jime & Aaron. Although Jime feels it's easier to write with a broken heart, she still finds inspiration with a happy one. It's pretty evident that she sings with her heart and her eyes. Jime is now an American Citizen and was adopted by the Midwest. Together with Aaron (her other half both in marriage and music), they make babies and music!




Aaron is a native of the Kansas City area, where he grew up surrounded by nature and art. He also enjoyed painting as a young adult and was quite good at it. His mother is a professional organist and a music director. He too started playing piano and trumpet at an early age. A music teacher by profession, he is also a professional trumpet and bass player. Aaron is honored to serve his country in the United States Army. He has played extensively around the country, both at military and civilian performances. Aaron is the musical director of the duo, writing bass lines and arranging other instruments for the songs that are performed. He doesn't have a high tolerance for instruments that are out of tune and will gladly volunteer to take care of it. Aaron is a serious coffee drinker, an amazing bass player, a proud soldier, a full time husband and father.